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Son of the XDE founder and founder of the XDE Racing Community

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Co-founder of the XDE Racing Community and graphic designer

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Szymon Turala

Moderator, race director, safety car driver and steward for XDE Racing community

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Moderator and photographer for XDE Racing community

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Donator, moderator and community manager for
XDE Racing community

What we do

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Racing games

For our events we mostly run on Assetto corsa but our community has run servers on Raceroom Racing Experience. That together with many channels in our discord gives us reach over many different games

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League racing

We run and have run multiple leagues for Assetto Corsa under which the XDE MX5 Cup league and the Formula RSS 3 v6 league and our upcoming Praga Cup

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Public server

We host a freeroam server where you can drive around the Wicklow Mountains in ireland

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Friendly community

To accompany these two we have a friendly community that is mostly active on our discord but also gathers on our other social media to talk about our shared hobby of racing

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